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Our Mission

We at Sigma Public School believe that learning can only be facilitated and nothing can be taught which the learner does not wish to imbibe. Our Mission is to create a nurturing and safe environment for learning for all our children. It is our objective to create situations which enhance the social, academic and creative skills of our learners. We aim to excite a spirit of enquiry and ignite the thirst for knowledge though our unique work culture. The triumvirate of the management, the pedagogues and the parents make for a truly wonderful circle of protection and learning for our students. .

Our Vision

We envision to provide diverse learning opportunities to ensure complete realization of each child’s potential. We aim to grow pioneers who dream impossible dreams, fight self–doubt and conquer fear to reach their goals. We ensure that each child under our care becomes confident architects and protagonists of their own destiny. Academic excellence is our ultimate goal coupled with a keen focus on all-round personality development. Nurturing leadership skills and focusing on skill development through tech-savvy pedagogy to create responsible, socially sensitive and environment-conscious e-citizens is the true aim of our School.